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Parking equipment

We ourselves develop hardware and software. All equipment meets international quality standards. Автоматизированная парковочная система RPS

Уникальное программно-аппаратное решение по автоматизации услуг парковки.
Эффективно решает задачи любой сложности, и повышает комфорт от взаимодействия с парковочным пространством.

Parking gates Parking gates

Ensuring clients’ access to parking or its zone, managing peripheral devices. Entrance and exit racks are the most important parts of ASPP.

Parking payment machines Parking payment machines

The terminals meet the requirements of FZ-54. The software equipped with the functions of the financial statements. Functioning with technologies: PayPass, PayWave, Apple Pay, Android Pay.

Automatic barriers Automatic barriers

Are equipped with asynchronous electric or hydraulic motors and are designed for at least 5 000 000 lifting-lowering cycles.

Parking navigation Parking navigation

The equipment for informing the client of the available parking spaces and helping in their search.

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