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Service maintenance

We will extend the service life of the equipment and improve the parking customer service.

Any complex technical device requires professional and competent handling. The parking systems is a complex set of such devices. It is important that the installed parking equipment work without troubles and as long as possible. To solve this problem, we offer 4 types of parking support:

  1. Standard maintenance;
  2. Extended maintenance;
  3. Remote parking operation;
  4. Operation on-site.

Pros and cons of each type you can see in the table:


Responsible for the proper operation of the system and equipment throughout its service life. We offer two types of parking maintenance:
standard and extended.

Standard maintenance

The RPS service team travels to the site for routine equipment inspection or to troubleshoot minor issues. If you need to replace the part, we’ll bring it from the warehouse and replace. Regarding problems and issues we give advise through the workstation service Help Desk. Support operators work daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Extended maintenance

RPS operators monitor the status of the system and each device through the monitoring center. In case of an emergency or extraordinary situation, the technical support staff will contact your service or private security company, inform you of the problem and how to fix it. We keep records and registration of the reasons for the violation of the equipment using process.


Complex of works on parking management and interaction with its visitors. It provides stable operation of the parking system, improves the quality of customer service, saves you from unnecessary troubles.

Our company offers two types of parking services:

  1. Remote;
  2. On site.

Remote parking operation

RPS specialists control the parking system and interact with the parking visitors remotely. We will ask you to select specialists who will be trained in simple interaction with the equipment: to open/close the door, to load maps, to turn on/turn off/reboot, to make encashment. This role is perfectly suited for a full-time engineer and an employee of the private security company.

The management of the parking system includes:

  • Setting up of parking zones;
  • Setting up of system access rights;
  • Setting up of reports on the use of parking and profit from it;
  • Creating tariffs, tariff plans and tariff schedules;
  • Adding regular customers to the system and assigning cards;
  • Renewing of devices;
  • Device health monitoring.

Interaction with visitors:

  • Receiving voice calls from checkout points and entry/exit gates;
  • Consultation of parking visitors;
  • Acceptance and consideration of claims related to rendering services at the parking lot.

The main advantage in this type — you do not have to increase your staff and equip the work places for the new employees.

Operation on-site

RPS allocates specialists who are on site during parking hours. They carry out all the work on the maintenance of the parking system and interaction with customers of the parking area.

Operation of this type of the parking area guarantees you:

  • The stable system operation;
  • The operational solution of emergency situations;
  • The quality service of parking clients.


The cost of parking maintenance depends on many factors, for example: the type of required support, type of parking, the number and type of installed equipment, parking area, number of vehicles, hours of operation, etc. All parameters are individual for each object.

RPS specialists will help to make a preliminary calculation of the cost of parking support.
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