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Parking project

Errors made at the design stage can make the parking lot uncomfortable and even dangerous for road users.

In addition, it involves complications of construction works. Due to the poorly prepared project of the parking lot they can last and continue to require additional expenses. Another unpleasant aspect is the rework and the financial resources and labor spent on them.

Design of Parking lots of all types and configurations

Depending on the location of the parking lot, they can be underground, surface and mixed. By the number of tiers, they can be one-and multi-storied ones, by the enclosing structures are distinguished open, closed and combined.

RPS specialists are ready to develop a project for the parking lot of any complexity. It can be designed for temporary, seasonal or permanent operation. Along with the usual, classic parking lots, there are also semi-mechanized and mechanized ones.

In addition to these classification features, the design of parking lots takes into account such parameters as:

  • the area of the allocated land plot, its relief, groundwater level, freezing depth, density and viscosity of the soil;
  • integration with local infrastructure. For unimpeded coordination with the city planning department and other relevant departments, the parking project should be organically combined with the adjacent buildings;
  • the required number of parking spaces, the capacity of the building, its number of storeys, the permissible depth of the underground part and other important geometric characteristics. If necessary, the project of the parking lot engages the systems for mechanized movement of vehicles;
  • climatic conditions, design thermal, wind, atmospheric loads;
  • billing, payment methods, parking lot, commercial aspect (properly drafted paid parking lot — the first condition of its payback);
  • organization of safe pedestrian movement;
  • location of utilities and security systems-water supply, sewerage, electricity, ventilation, fire extinguishing system, etc.

Development of the project of the parking lot on a turnkey basis

Before starting work, we request the initial data for the project.

For the closed parking it is:

  1. Architectural and construction drawings of the M 1 object: 500 with applied engineering communications. The plan of the surrounding road network.
  2. Architectural drawings of parking: floor plans, sections, ramps, facades of buildings with the planned gate installation with a heat curtain and the allocation of drawings of ventilation ducts. Plans for the low–voltage systems’ laying - trays, etc., vertical risers for cables. Spillway trays with material indication - metal/plastic.
  3. Connection points of power supply communications for the construction and installation period, standby and emergency lighting. Power supply category, the need for trouble-free power supply units.
  4. Premises for servers’ location in the closed parking lots and parking attendant of the automated working station.
  5. Locations of checkout points or parkomats at the parking lots.
  6. Technical assignment:

— the number of vehicles identified at the «Project» stage;
— the architectural proposals on the «Project» stage or the wishes of the Customer;
— the payment terms — types of tariffs (by time of day, parking time, for regular customers);
— the types of vehicles (cars, small trucks, vans);
— the applicable tariffs for different vehicles;
— the need for CCTV cash registers;
— the need for video surveillance and video recording with number recognition;
— the video storage time in the database;
— the ability to recognize license plates of Russia and other countries;
— the passage of vehicles on the parking map (full stop, identification, permission to travel);
— the passing by the remote reading for regular customers without stopping at RFID technologies;
— the banknotes accepted by the automatic cash register;
— Russian rubles, banknotes and coins (denomination);
— the bank card and UEC in future.

For the open parking it is:

  1. Situational plan M 1: 2000 with the plan of the road network of adjacent territories. General plan on the geological study of the object M 1:500 with the plotted engineering communications. The plan of the surrounding road network, agreed with local authorities. Architectural proposals under the «Project» stage or the Customer’s wishes. Spillway trays with material indication — metal/plastic.
  2. Connection points of power supply communications of permanent and temporary electricity for the period of construction and installation, standby and emergency lighting. Power supply category, the need for trouble-free power supply units.
  3. Premises for servers and maintenance personnel.
  4. Locations of checkout points and sheds for them at the parking lots.
  5. Technical assignment:

— the number of vehicles identified at the «Project» stage;
— the payment terms — types of tariffs (by time of day, parking time, regular customers);
— types of vehicles:

  • cars, buses,,
  • small trucks, vans,
  • medium-tonnage,
  • heavy trucks with semi-trailers and trailers;
  • tariffs applicable for different vehicles.

The list of project documentation for the production of construction andand installation works of the «RPS» automated parking system (automated paid parking system equipment):

  1. Explanatory note.
  2. Schematic diagram.
  3. Location scheme (plan) of the system equipment.
  4. Location plan (scheme) of the LAN and voice communication.
  5. Location scheme of passage cables./li>
  6. Mounting scheme of passage connections.
  7. Equipment specification.
  8. Task for power supply.
  9. Construction task.

When ordering this service in Russian Parking Systems, you receive:

    • full documentation package. The parking project includes: an explanatory note, a set of drawings and explications, schemes of engineering communications, specifications for equipment and materials. The requirement specification is being separately developed for construction and power supply installation works. Such an integrated approach to the project development is a guarantee that the parking will be built in a reasonable time and without extra costs;
    • strict compliance with the requirements of SP 113.13330.2012, SNiP 21-01-97, GOST R 52290-2004, GOST R 51256-99 and other regulations;
    • assistance with the approval of the parking project, making changes at the request of supervisory agencies;
    • individual calculation of cost without overpayments.

Budget for designing the vehicle parking lot

The amount depends primarily on the type of the parking lot, technical complexity of the project, the area of the object, urgency, etc. The price includes everything from the first on-site visit to the object and its familiarization to the registration of all working documentation. The cost of preparation is recouped by carefully thought-out solutions and a well-planned construction and installation cycle.

To consult on the development of the parking project and find out its cost, please, order a call back or call +7 (495) 135-57-35.

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