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Parking automatisation

We perform a full range of services for the organization of paid parking for cars.

Organization of the paid parking area for vehicles is performed in three stages:

  1. creating a pre-design solution;
  2. implementation of the parking solution;
  3. parking maintenance.


Facilitates the further activities on the parking organization, as well as simplifies the further construction and installation of parking equipment. At this stage, our specialists collect the necessary information:

  • for what kind of tasks is required the parking lot organization for vehicles;
  • what functionality is required;
  • who will use it;
  • for what group of clients the parking lot is intended;
  • what is the object plan.

RPS specialists go to the site to assess the amount of work for parking area organization. If this is not possible due to the remoteness of the object, we request a parking plan and geological reports.

For a closed parking area we request the floor plans.

On the basis of the information we make the layout of the equipment: we show where the islands will stand, what distance will be between them, how vehicles will be entering.

After that, we move on to the design and implementation of the parking solution.


This involves the following operations:

  • design;
  • building works;
  • delivery of equipment;
  • mounting;
  • commissioning operations;
  • putting the parking system into commission to the customer and personnel training.

Parking spaces designing

The basis is the scheme, which is being developed until all the details are agreed. It is better to make adjustments at this stage.

Building work

Upon completion of the solution design for the organization of the paid parking lot, the customer signs a working copy, giving impetus to construction. The construction often includes the installation of islands, loops, communication networks.

We monitor the quality of construction, implementation of design solutions and compliance with the design and preparation works. The construction team provides daily photo reports on the work done.

Terms of construction are individual for each object (whether it is a parking lot of the shopping center, entertainment complex, business center or enterprise).

On average, they take from 30 calendar days to 14 weeks.

Delivery of equipment

This stage is parallel to the construction of the parking area. It is executed in 4 stages:

  1. Production of the carcasses at the «RPS» plant in China is the first stage of assembly and delivery to Moscow by plane, which significantly reduces the delivery time.
  2. The second stage of assembly is in the «RPS» production in Moscow. Installation of key micromechanics. Testing of each device by our specialists.
  3. Assembly and testing. At this stage, the system is tested as a whole, including the server and all network functionality.
  4. Shipment to the site.

Production takes from 14 to 40 calendar days depending on the current volumes in stock, the order volume, your special requirements for equipment.


We mount equipment for the prepared places, we install booms, put the laid cable lines in the devices.

The maximum installation time is 1-3 days.

Commissioning operations

It includes two stages:

  1. Physical device termination. Connection of driveway sensors, barriers, power and network infrastructure. If it is optical fiber, it must be unsoldered. The first stage of the pre-commissioning is ended by the functioning of the devices in the offline mode.
  2. System setup. This stage includes setting up of exchange, testing a local network, setting tariffs, access groups, etc.

After commissioning the system is ready for operation.

Putting the project into operation and personnel training

Putting the parking system into operation is completed by training your staff and signing the certificated of completion.


The last stage of the organization and design of the paid parking lot for vehicles is support.

It is necessary for the trouble-free functioning of the system, the preservation of service guarantees and interaction with parking customers.

Maintenance of the paid parking lot after commissioning should be performed by qualified specialists. We offer several maintenance types:

  1. Standard maintenance of the paid parking lot.
  2. Extended maintenance.
  3. Remote operation.
  4. Operation on-site.
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