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RPS automatic barrier with straight boom

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RPS automatic barrier is installed to control the movement of vehicles in the parking area. Is an integral part of the automatic paid parking system. It posses a high boom speed — 1 second.


Automatic RPS parking barriers are designed for daily operation and are designed for ≥5,000,000 entries and exits. They are installed at the facilities where it is necessary to limit the entry of vehicles to the parking space.

RPS automatic barrier has a classic design: a metal body with a fixed boom with a rubber bump stop. Boom material is aluminum. It protects against rust and prolongs service life. Booms for our barriers are of two types: straight and folding. Folding ones are great for objects where there are height restrictions.

The control is carried out in the manual and automatic control mode. In the manual mode the operator raises and lowers the boom by means of «work station of the parking operator». In the automatic mode, the barrier is controlled by the entry and exit gates, which are part of the Automatic Paid Parking System.

Technical characteristics

Nominal voltage
220V±10% or 110V ±10%
Consumed power
up to 80 W
Bollard size
360*360*1080 mm
Grey, orange
Boom material
Boom speed
1 second
Boom length
up to 3.5 m
Trouble-free life
≥5,000,000 times
Motor speed
30 rpm
Integrated traffic light
Operating temperature
-40°C ~ +60°C
Processing medium
Inner and outer side

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