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Entrance-exit gate on fan fold ticket

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Wide functionality and flexibility will make it possible to adapt the system to any business model.


  • Issuance and acceptance of paper tickets;
  • Being in touch with one-time and regular customers;
  • Control of peripheral devices: barriers, loop antennas, IR sensors, altimeters, RFID readers, etc.;
  • Voice-communication with operator;
  • Multilingual interface with the possibility of additional localization;
  • IP-video camera with Fisheye wide-angle lens;
  • UPS for operation in case of power supply turning off;
  • Climate control for operation during cold seasons;
  • Simple, but very informative built-in traffic light.


  • Acceptance of contactless bank cards Mastercard PayPass and Visa Payway allows to pay for parking services up to 1,000 rubles right at the check-out point;
  • Installing a barcode scanner to work with discounts. The possibility of passing by or tariff change using the QR-code;
  • Possibility of additional localization;
  • Altimeter to diversify tariffs depending on the type of vehicle;
  • RFID reader makes Parking more comfortable, providing non-stop entry and exit for regular customers;
  • The license plate recognition system.

Technical characteristics

Power consumption
up to 250 W without a heater, up to 600 W with a heater
Connection interfaces
FanFold Capacity
up to 6000 tickets
Capacity of tickets at the reception
up to 6000 tickets
Travel time of one vehicle
up to 5 seconds
Operating temperature
-40 to +50
Self-contained operation time
not less than 10 minutes
Enclosure rating
Colors in use
RAL 7017, RAL 7044, RAL 9002, RAL 1016
Power supply voltage
AC 220 V/50 Hz


Въездные и выездные стойки парковки на билетах для доступа клиента на парковку и управления периферийными устройствами

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