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Two-way entrance-exit gate on tokens

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The two-way gate performs at the same time the functions of the entrance and exit gate. This design eliminates the need for rearranging of parking media or putting of the new ones. It is reached through recirculation of tokens inside the gate.


  • The solution does not require the operator’s maintenance by means of carrier recirculation;
  • Key micromechanics of European manufacturers ensures high performance reliability of the device.


  • Module for contactless payment of Parking services up to 1,000 rubles at the exit gate;
  • Installation the QR code scanner to work with invitations and discounts. The possibility of passing by or tariff change using the QR-code;
  • Control of peripheral devices: barriers, loop antennas, IR sensors, altimeters, RFID readers, etc.;
  • The altimeter to diversify the tariffs depending on the vehicle type;
  • The RFID reader makes a parking area more comfortable, providing non-stop entry and exit for regular customers;
  • License plate identification system;
  • Increased capacity of the token bin to 4000;
  • Giving and receiving of tokens;
  • Being in touch with one-time and regular customers;
  • Control of peripheral devices: barriers, loop antennas, IR sensors, altimeters, RFID readers, etc.;
  • Voice-communication with operator;
  • Multilingual interface with the possibility of additional localization;
  • IP-video camera with Fisheye wide-angle lens;
  • UPS for operation in case of power supply turning off;
  • Climate control for operation during cold seasons;
  • Simple, but very informative built-in traffic light.

Technical characteristics

Power supply voltage
AC 220 V/50 Hz
Power consumption
up to 250 W without a heater, up to 600 W with a heater
Connection interfaces
Token bin capacity
4,000 tokens
Token receiving capacity
up to 1,000 tokens
Travel time of one vehicle
up to 5 seconds
Operating temperature
-40 to +50
Self-contained operation time
not less than 10 minutes
Enclosure rating
Colors in use
RAL 7017, RAL 7044, RAL 9002, RAL 1016


Two-way entrance-exit gate on tokens

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